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Butlers iron newspapers. An image that is already conveyed to the little ones. But is that right? It is not to be written in textbooks for butlers. The Hotel Adlon in berlin still cultivates this custom.

But why does the newspaper even get ironed? No, not to get it wrinkle-free. The real reason is: printing ink can not stain anymore. With the cortina print and varnish newspaper magazines do not have to be ironed anymore. Why the ironing of newspapers has become dispensable is shown in this explanatory film. More information at

Let yourself be surprised.


 And what is a butler doing when he does not have to iron anymore? Butler James dedicates himself to his hobby: descending. And this is now possible without any water. Just like printing with the Cortina. But see for yourself ...

Put on your VR-glasses: descent into a virtual underwater world. Discover how our newspaper magazine Cortissimo breaches. Immerge into the "Heavy Metal" of waterless printing. Wetting is not necessary! Stay dry and non-iron!


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So einfach funktioniert die crossmediale Personalisierung

[Cortissimo] Tipps + Tricks


Durch die richtige Verbindung von Daten und Prozessen sowie klassischen Rollenoffsetverfahren und Digitaldruck können auch heute hochauflagige Printproduktionen personalisiert und zu einem besonderen individuellen Erlebnis für Konsumenten werden. Cortissimo erklärt, wie es funktioniert.


[Cortissimo] Inspiration


White – Let’s talk about royalty, purity format and success Much room - much white space, that is one particular specialty of the newspaper magazine. In Europe white is deemed to be a color of joy and innocence. Big advertising characters with the attribute white even today have something iconic...

All on measure

[Cortissimo] Best Practice


"To manufacture a nice product which the customer can understand", this is the goal of Jürgen Muckenschnabel, head of marketing and communication at cove&co when hes is thinking about print products for the "favorites of the wardrobe".

Newspaper magazine

[Cortissimo] Inspiration


Let’s newly define the term newspaper magazine. No, it is no marketing-gag. It stands for a new type of magazine with ecological and economic advantages, printed on Cortina-newspaper-print-machines. A viewing with examples.

855 plus X

[Cortissimo] Best Practice


The editorial staff of “Fortuna aktuell”, the stadium-paper of Fortuna Düsseldorf, is now working on issue 855 and with every home game a new one is added. This makes proud says Christian Krumm who heads the editorial staff which compiles 80 pages full of exciting content for the fans at each home...

Silver elation

[Cortissimo] Best Practice


In the middle of july the Forum Corporate Publishing in munich awarded the awards for europes biggest Best of Corporate Publishing competition. One of the winners: The customer magazine of the Rheinisch-Bergische Druckerei - "Cortissimo".


[RBD] engl. Allgemein (Bild-News)


If you want to arouse someone’s curiosity you can put him on the rack, elegantly speaking spark his interest and colloquially tantalize him. And all of those states can be achieved with the new Multiview-format. Every page or part-page promises a new look, makes curious about the creation behind...

Moreover printing on newspaper enables us to effectively work on the issue until the evening before the proof.

Dr. Dieter Hilla, Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, Employee Communications/direkt/BNC


It surely is nicer to hold our “Cortissimo” in your hands. The feel and look while browsing will surprise you. We would be happy to send you a copy, please contact: In the meantime our digital version is available: